Distance matrix (geodesic distance)

I am trying to compute the distance matrix for all the vertices in the fsaverage surface for a study. I wanted to know if there is a way to compute that and store in a file.

I tried using the connector work bench
“wb_command -surface-geodesic-distance fsaverage_lh_inflated.surf.gii -all-vertices distances.lh.func.gii”

as well as Freesurfer
“mris_compute -d fsaverage lh.sphere.reg lh.fsaverage.gii”

But both to no avail

I think that the tvb-gdist package has this feature.

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Ahoi hoi @Reubebe,

did you try out the Brainsmash package yet? It has dedicated functions to compute distance matrices.

HTH, cheers, Peer

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SurfDist in AFNI computes geodesic distance with options to specify input from/to pairs of vertices.

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