Docker container for T1 analysis (preprocessing + ROI volume of GM)

Someone may suggest a Docker container to process T1 images, including preprocessing and analysis, and extract the volume of GM by ROIs of a certain atlas.
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sMRIPrep - Usage — smriprep 0.9.0 documentation is great for preprocessing

xcpEngine - Modules — xcpEngine 1.0 documentation provides a similar preprocessing and ANTs cortical thickness processing, which I believe is or can be quantified for ROIs in the provided atlases or a custom atlas


A newly released docker package from the volBrain team:

AssemblyNet provides segmentation of the intracranial cavity, brain tissues (WM, subcortical GM, cortical GM, CSF), cortical lobes, as well as 132 cortical and subcortical structures using a T1w MR image (Note that it uses the Braincolor parcelation protocol which is slightly diferent from our vol2Brain protocol).

Thanks, Paul, I will test this way.
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thanks for sharing the information