Docker container for the automatic preprocessing for PET images

Hi all,
I wonder if there is a Docker container like fmriprep for the automatic preprocessing of PET images

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Hi @rglezgz,

You can try GitHub - jjleewustledu/NiftyPETd: NiftyPET for Docker or Singularity images, based on GitHub - NiftyPET/NiftyPET: High-throughput Python platform for image reconstruction and analysis, which is described here: NiftyPET: a High-throughput Software Platform for High Quantitative Accuracy and Precision PET Imaging and Analysis - Neuroinformatics.

I’ll caution that it doesn’t look like the Docker container repo is up to date with the main repo, but some of the images look more recent. You can browse them here: Docker


That is great @Steven, many thanks
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