Dot command error, triangulation failed, cannot find triangle path, Unable to reclaim box space in spline routing for edge


I have been running fmriprep, and for one participant it is giving me this error. I haven’t seen it before and I don’t know what is the cause. Can anyone shed light on this issue?

error.txt (543.3 KB)


May you please provide the version of fMRIPrep you are using, how you are running it (Singularity vs Docker vs Python), and the parameters you are passing into fMRIPrep?


Thank you, of course.

fMRIPrep version: 21.0.1
Running via: Singularity on HPC

singularity run
-B /optnfs/freesurfer:/optnfs/freesurfer ${IMAGE}
${BIDSDIR} ${OUTDIR} participant
–participant_label ${SUBJ}
–ignore slicetiming
–bold2t1w-dof 9
–dummy-scans 6
–nprocs 16
–omp-nthreads 8
–mem_mb 49152
–fs-license-file /optnfs/freesurfer/6.0.0/license.txt
–output-spaces T1w MNI152NLin2009cAsym
–use-aroma --aroma-melodic-dimensionality -200

Probably also helpful to include the log prior to the error so that is attached here as well.filename_1436342.txt (12.1 KB)