Download (or generate) all topic maps in neurosynth

Hi everyone,

is there an easy way that I’ve missed for obtaining pre-computed topic maps for a model in

for all the topics, instead of one at a time?

thank you!

I think your best option at the moment is to download the relevant txt files from the neurosynth-data repository. In the linked folder, there are two subfolders: analyses and keys. The files in analyses are paper-by-topic, with each cell containing the paper’s weight for that topic. You can load that file as the features file (combined with database.txt from neurosynth-data) when running meta-analyses with the Neurosynth Python package (see this notebook for an example).

The other files (in keys/) contain topic names and the higher loading terms for each topic. You could use that in interpreting the topics.

Let me know if you have any problems with that approach.

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Thank you very much, Taylor, this is exactly what I needed!