Downloading HCP 7T preprocessed Movie data

I’d like to download the HCP 7T Movie Task preprocessed data but running into some confusion. From what I can see the preprocessed data is not all available in s3 and not in the datalad dataset (only ~90 or so subjects have corresponding movie folders in “human-connectome-project-openaccess/HCP1200/*/MNINonLinear/Results” directories.)

Is dbconnectome and Aspera Connect in a browser the current method to get these? I’m trying to download these to a cluster and not my local computer so it may be more difficult to use this route. Any help appreciated, thanks!

Aspera Connect is my way of downloading it. didn’t find better ways. would also like to hear from others if there’s a more convenient approach

btw, they didn’t collect physiological data for this dataset (cardiac, respiration…)

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ever figure this out? Can’t seem to find the data on Amazon S3 either. Which subfolder is it even in?

As far as I can tell, it is only available via connectomeDB, last update here: Reprocessed 7T fMRI data released + other updates! - Connectome

Other changes are happening behind-the-scenes at the AWS Public Data Sets program. These changes should not affect users of the HCP data on AWS, but they are delaying our upload of the reprocessed 7T data to our AWS S3 bucket (currently only 3T and Retest HCP data are available on S3). Stay tuned for an announcement when 7T data is available.

I’m hoping that this will be available on S3 at some point so that it can be worked with via DataLad

As of Jan 19, 2021 these data were only available through connectomeDB and not the s3 bucket.
Source: thread on the hcp-users Google group (not sure if the link works if you aren’t a member of the group).

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