Downloading the latest fmriprep version using singularity pull command

Dear Community,
I am trying to download the .sif file to install the singularity most updated fmriprep environment (20.2.7 or 21.0.1). I work on a HPC and so to my (limited) understanding, I have to download it using singularity (and not with other commands).

I use the following code:

module load singularity
singularity pull --name fmriprep_latest.sif docker://poldracklab/fmriprep_latest

Unfortunately, this gives me an old and deprecated version. When I look at the poldrack lab docker cite, it seems that, indeed, there are no pull commands specific for these versions.

So, what do I need to type in order to pull the latest fmri version?

Thank you so much

singularity build fmriprep_21.0.1.sif docker://nipreps/fmriprep:21.0.1

singularity build fmriprep_20.2.7.sif docker://nipreps/fmriprep:20.2.7

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This should also work:

singularity pull fmriprep_21.0.1.sif docker://nipreps/fmriprep:21.0.1