Draw T1W slice with left/right, anterior/posterior, superior/inferior tags

I have a structural dataset with messed up orientation. When I open them in Mango or FSLView I can see that Left/Right, Anterior/Posterior, Superior/Inferior do not always correspond with the real orientation of the data. I could just open each MRI volume 1 by 1 but it would take forever…

Is there a way of python scripting something that would save sagittal, coronal and axial slices with L/R, A/P, S/I annotated? I tried using nibabel, but the tutorial code I had found only prints data in voxel space, and if I had applied the affine matrix before, the data space could potentially be oblique…

Thanks in advance for your help!

For the moment I’m using slicer from FSL, but (1) I’d prefer to stay in python and (2) slicer sometimes gets the orientation wrong…

Found the solution, using the awesome nilearn

from nilearn import plotting

This guy should be turned into a command line. It’s much better than slicer (for what i was aiming to do)