DrawEM labels for segmentation of regional structures


The .tsv file containing the labels for the region segmentation shows 50 labels:

However, the segmentation file *_desc-drawem87_space-T2w_desg contains 87 labels. According to Makropoulos et al, 2014:

The 50 atlas labels are subdivided into 87 labels. Once the EM estimation presented in the next section has converged, we merge the subdivided parts of the structures.

I would like to know if there is a resource where I can make sure each label is the high/low intensity variety of certain other label. I should mention that Robinson et al, 2018 states:

The resulting segmentation contains 87 regional structures (see [Table 1]). These are merged to further produce the following files: tissue labels, left/right white surface masks and left/right pial surface masks.

With Table 1 not being helpful, since it contains the 9 tissue types.

Thank you for any help with this issue.

Hi @diegoder,

Here is a link to the look up table for the 87 labels: DrawEM/all_labels.csv at 37a94ad629f6525675f06a45bed83bad04b544a5 · MIRTK/DrawEM · GitHub

is that what you were after?

Best wishes,


This is exactly it, thank you very much! I apologise I didn’t find it before.