DRawing ROIs in Pig Brain

Hello Everyone,
I have been trying to do DTI analysis on pig brain . as we all know most of the softwares are based on human brain. At first I manually skull stripped the T1 then registered it to a atlas from Download the Pig Brain Atlas. The registration looked good. I am intending to use their ROIs to get the value of diffusion map for ours. And thats why we transformed the roi to our T1 and also transformed the ROIs to our diffusion space. But it looking pretty bad after these steps. the rois not aligned at all, the transformation not seem to be working. why is that?
Also now the only way is probably drawing own rois on. Any help with that please, how I can draw the corpus callosum throughout the brain precisely, cause it is really confusing for few slice how much I need to keep.
Thank you. I will really appreciate your help.