Duplicating task files

The weirdest thing is happening when I try to run dcm2bids. It seems to be increasing the number of runs each time a run it on a participant.

I should have 1 task file for the MID, Soc, Rest and Cyberball task. Everytime I run dcm2bids through docker (in singularity on a supercomputer) it seems to add another run? So, now there are like 6 runs of each task.
The same thing seems to be happening in my anat and fmap folder?
I have tried to delete the tmp_dcm2bids file, but that doesn’t seem to reduce the number of runs. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? This is super weird.

Has this happened to anyone else before? Attached is a copy of my output for an func set. There should only be 1 run per task???


I don’t see anything attached here, but are you removing existing files from the subjects BIDS directory before rerunning dcm2bids? If not, it is programmed to code files with similar naming conventions as existing data with different run names.


Thanks - this is exactly what I was doing. Much appreciated.