Eddy_cpu multithreading


Is anyone else using fsl 6.0.7 and having trouble getting eddy_cpu to use multiple cpus? I have set OMP_NUM_THREADS=8 and FSL_SKIP_GLOBAL=1 (recommended here: JISCMail - FSL Archives) but it looks like eddy_cpu is running in only a single thread.

Hi @mattcieslak, are you calling eddy (or eddy_cpu) with the --nthr argument? It will run in single-threaded mode by default, and at the moment does not honour OMP_NUM_THREADS.

New versions of eddy use native C++ threads instead of OpenMP, but at some point in the future we may start honouring the OMP_NUM_THREADS variable for convenience.

Hi @paulmccarthy, I was using eddy-cpu. Thank you for this info!!

Just to clarify, if you call eddy[_cpu] --nthr <N>, then it should parallelise its computations across <N> threads.