EEG channel locations

I have got some EEG data with 148 nodes and I know the label of each channel. Something like these:
['G_Ins_lg_and_S_cent_ins L' 'G_Ins_lg_and_S_cent_ins R' 'G_and_S_cingul-Ant L' 'G_and_S_cingul-Ant R' 'G_and_S_cingul-Mid-Ant L'].

How to get the xyz coordinates of the channels? Is there a reference?

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It looks like you may be using the DESTRIEUX parcellations. Here is a reference:

What space do you want xyz coordinates in?

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Great!, Yes, xyz talairach coordinates would be fine.

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The labels are composed of many coordinates, and are often specified in both surface (e.g. Freesurfer) and volumetric space. I just want to understand what you are asking for. You have EEG data with nodes that you don’t know the location of, but you do have labels for - is that correct? And your goal is to translate those labels into single xyz coordinates? Do you want the coordinates from the center of the volumetric parcellation in Talaraich space?

If so, maybe look into using the brainGraph package in R, which I think supplies vectors of coordinates for the atlas parcellations in MNI space.

You can use this tool to move between MNI and Talairach coordinates (although, keep in mind that the registration between MNI and Talairach brains may be nonlinear, so the “center” coordinate of the label might differ between the two spaces):

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Awesome. Thanks @Benjamin_Zimmerman.