Electrodes.tsv creates error in MEG+LFP data in BIDS

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I want to bring MEG and LFP data recorded over the same amplifier into BIDS format. Since the data is in one fif file (from the Neuromag system), everything is stored under /meg. However, with the *electrodes.tsv it comes to an error message ( [Code 1] NOT_INCLUDED) with the BIDS validator. In the specification description, I could not recognize a section to the *electrodes.tsv with MEG. Is this, therefore, not provided by MEG, or is there a solution for this problem?

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This would be a good issue to bring up in Issues · bids-standard/bids-specification · GitHub. My suspicion is that meg/*_electrodes.tsv should be permissible in simultaneous EEG/MEG, but it is not made clear in the specification

Thanks for the quick reply. I forwared this issue to GitHub.

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