Error 1: [Code 50] TASK_NAME_MUST_DEFINE

Dear all,

My colleague and I are trying to convert our data to BIDS format, but it does not work. We managed to use dcm2bids to get the right folder and filename structure. But apparently, with our fmri scan, it does not work because it wants a task name (which we did specify in the filename). Here is the error message:

You have to define ‘TaskName’ for this file.1 file

sub-007_ses-01_task-rest_bold.nii.gz 117655.295 KB | application/gzip




You have to define ‘TaskName’ for this file. It can be included one of the following locations: /task-rest_bold.json, /sub-007/sub-007_task-rest_bold.json, /sub-007/ses-01/sub-007_ses-01_task-rest_bold.json, /sub-007/ses-01/func/sub-007_ses-01_task-rest_bold.json

It seems that the nifti file gives the problems, but the reason is in the jason file? I added a line manually in the jason file as suggested here previously:
“Task name” :“bold”

Can anyone please help us? Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Julia and Joey

Try : “Task name” :“rest"