Error Code 52 stimulus file missing despite file being there

I’m testing my dataset with the BIDS validator, and I get an error message that a stimulus file is missing, but I actually see it in /stimuli. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong would be most appreciated.

p.s. I’d upload the results of ls stimuli/missingfile.jpg but I can’t upload more than one image.

Is the file in question located in:




Yes, the “missing” file is there as you can see in the attached screenshot.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.


Could you share a small version of the dataset that replicates this behavior (via Dropbox or Google drive)?

Thanks for sharing the data. The problem is with the file paths inside _events.tsv files. They are followed by invalid spaces instead of just the tab. In other words what you have is:

sub02/run01/F4436.jpg \t

and what you should have is


Thanks a lot! That fixed it.