Error code 66: slice timing values greater than TR

I got this on a Siemens Prisma_fit VE11C using dcm2niix v1.0.20181125 GCC4.8.5:
upon close examination, it seems like it’s not really an error of the wrong unit (ms vs. seconds), but the TR reported (70) is per slice, rather than per volume. Have people seen this ?

What kind of sequence was used to create those images? I guess it is a kind of 2D EPI sequence?
Also, I advise you to use a more recent version of dcm2niix: v1.0.20211006 (Release version 6-October-2021 (v1.0.20211006) · rordenlab/dcm2niix · GitHub)

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@ins0mniac2 I also think you should use a more recent version of dcm2niix.

It might also help if you include the entire json that was created to understand the sequence used. In general, the definition of repetition time is pretty unambiguous for most EPI sequences where slice timing matters (DWI, fMRI, resting state). However, the term becomes complicated and vendor specific with some sequences, hence the BIDS terms RepetitionTimeExcitation and RepetitionTimePreparation.