Estimated mean displacement from MCFLIRT in fMRIprep?

I am curious if it is possible/useful to calculate the relative and absolute estimated mean displacement (ex. mcflirt -in sub-01_task-train_bold.nii.gz -out test_mcf -plots -report -rmsabs -rmsrel; outputs test_mcf_rel.rms and test_mcf_abs.rms) from the tsv confound output from fMRIPrep?
Reason for question: I like to plot the abs and relative displacement to quickly spot motion issues. Totally open to other suggestions, I am just used to this from FEAT outputs :wink:

Definitely possible, but couldn’t you do the same with FramewiseDisplacement values stored in _confounds.tsv files?

Hey Chris, yep I could. Is there any benefit of one vs the other?
Thanks for the speedy answer.

I am not sure what’s the direct relation on top of my head, but I expect they are highly correlated.