Estimating original field map phase maps from phase-difference and magnitude maps

I’m about to start acquiring data on a Siemens Prisma and want to acquire magnitude1/magnitude2/phase1/phase2 field maps, but that doesn’t seem possible. All I can seem to get is magnitude1/magnitude2/phase-difference. Does anyone know if there’s a way to reconstruct the original phase maps from the magnitude1/magnitude2/phase-difference combination?

If anyone knows how to just acquire magnitude1/magnitude2/phase1/phase2 field maps on a Prisma, that would also be great.

Hello @tsalo, did you get any answers regarding your question or did you manage to get Fieldmap from the magnitude1/magnitude2/phase-difference combination? It would help me a lot because I have the same type of data.

I thank you in advance!

From the Siemens data ( magnitude1/magnitude2/phase-difference combination) you can use tools like SPM or FSL to create a Fieldmap: Explanation on how to use those tools are described here:

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If your goal is to get the field map, then @jsein’s post is the way to go.

My question was about deriving the original phase maps, before subtraction. I think I was interested in using them for phase-based denoising or something. :man_shrugging:

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Thank you so much for your reply @jsein and @tsalo.