Estimating respiratory cycle from fMRIprep derivatives

Hi preppers,

This is more of a mild curiosity I had. We have run fMRIprep on a dataset of aging participants scanned without any physiological monitoring. I was curious whether there is any precedent for estimating the participant’s respiration from any of the fMRIprep confounds, many of which I know are intended to represent respiratory or cardiac activity. If anyone has any leads, please let me know.

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Depending on the TR and other acquisition parameters, you may be able to “read” the respiration straight from the motion regressors, such as MVPA Meanderings: yet more with respiration and motion regressors. I find this easier to see in the 6 separate parameters rather than a combined FD-type measure.

Thank you for the link! Your blog is super readable and comprehensive. I’ll take a look into my data and see if the acquisition parameters are amenable to “reading” the respiration from the motion regressors.