Events.tsv duration for block analysis

Hello, I am not sure how “events.tsv” files are being use in fmriprep-pipeline. I have three column like: onset duration type
30.0 1 1back
85.1 1 2back,
However, later on at GLM, I am interested on using AFNI TENT function /block glm and in this case duration would not be 1. Should I re-run the full-fmriprep pipeline again with those change on “events.tsv” ? Or how it works incase of mix-design (regressing both -events and blocks ).

events.tsv is not being used in fmriprep at all. You should update your events.tsv to correctly reflect the durations of your events.

That said, if this is a TENT specific modification, you may want to consider writing a filter that will make the change needed without modifying your BIDS directory.

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+1000 For the sake of the future you looking at this dataset in five years better put true event durations.