Exercises in python

Hi, everyone!

I am working on the pre-course python workshop materials, which I totally did not notice until the school officially begins. I find that I have to re-feed the common parameters and import packages every new exercise. It is annoying. And if I take a break and exit the page, all the previous codes are gone, and I have to re-code for the next exercises.

Anything I could do about it?

Thank you!


Did you save your own copy in your drive?

Sí. It is now saved. Gracias!

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The tutorials are good to “inherit” previous imports, and not “nesting” in exercises much.

I have some thoughts about the Day 1 Tutorial 1 exercise 1.

The data distribution has “long tail” to the right end, so it will elevate the average number, which gives 64% of neurons below it. The median number could be more accurate, in the sense of comparing the activity of neurons. Because median ignores the abnormal “long tail” data, and it gives 50% of “quiet” neurons.

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