Failed to receive the mentor match email for specific email server

Hi, I am the TA for pod 178. Me and one project group in my pod have not received the mentor match email. It turns out both of us are using the same email server (***, while other students can receive the mentor match email with no problem.

Can I check whether that group has successfully matched a mentor, and is their a way to resend the mentor match email to our alternative emails?

Yunhui Zhou

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I believe this is the same for me? @danaeglenn @NMA_pod-179

(Actually it may have just went to Gili, so it maybe wasn’t supposed to go to me directly)

You have been matched! The email only went to the group contact - I’ll forward it.

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it’s ok - we discussed it in slack, I just didn’t check it yet.

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What about my pod 178? Can you forward all the all the mentor match emails to me (


Can you share the slack link for that thread to me? Thanks!

Hi @Yunhui,
Project leaders were emailed, and we are looking up the mentor info for pod-178 for you. We will be in touch! Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks. One of the project leaders is also using Fudan email (*** so both she and me don’t know who’s the mentor for this group. We are waiting very anxiously to know the mentor information.

Thanks for your help very much!

I have the same problem, I did not reveive the mentor match email. I’m in pod-149. I am the project’s contact person.


Neither of the teams in my pod (pod-145) had received the email. I am the TA of the pod.

Their email addresses are:



We’ve had persistent issues sending emails to China, and unfortunately this round of matches is no different. I’ve sent the matches to @jerlich to diffuse them via WeChat. I’ve also sent @NingMei, @Ladan and @Yunhui PMs with their pods’ matches.

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Thank you beth.straley, pmin! I have already got the mentor list for my pod!