FAQ on technical issues in Neurostars during NMA

Hi, I have a similar problem to the problem Michalis had, I was moved pods to pod 126, never received an invitation to my pod and the link my TA sent me does not work for me. Could you please help?



Hi OreI,

I am sorry to hear that. I have informed my TA (and another 2 TAs as well).
They have all been extremely supportive, however, the issue still persists
for me. I guess something went wrong when we changed pods and the
problem needs to be resolved by the organizers.

Do you also get an error like the following?

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Hi Michalis,

I was hoping your issue was resolved and I’m sorry to hear it isn’t. I have the very same error. I also informed my TA. my guess is the organizers need to adjust something in our account settings.

Let’s hope this gets resolved soon

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Good news :slight_smile:



You are in the pod assignment queue - expect an email later today or early tomorrow with your pod assignment.

Fixed it, welcome to pod-126-fiery-lorikeet!

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Fixed it, welcome to pod-027-meticulous-coucal, Michalis!

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Thanks so much for your help!

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Thanks a lot for your help :smile:

I don’t yet have access to my pod’s discussion here, but I imagine it’s because I just got assigned to it earlier today. https://neurostars.org/c/neuromatch-academy/pod-179-perky-koel/ with Dana Glen.

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I didn’t get a confirmation that pod-swaps have been completed yet. Maybe wait for 5 hours, before you submit a help request.

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@ollimuh and @jparent, Pradeep sent in the updates about 3 hours ago - can you confirm that they got propagated?

For me, one student was added to my pod, the other wasn’t.

yes I’m in my pod now! thank you !

Hi, I am unable to update my name in my student portal. Even though update button is there, it’s not working.


Hello, I faced an issue during the python tutorial class and am afraid that might create a trouble during the sessions as well. My window kept on crashing while using Zoom, during the meeting itself. I had to use two different screens, one for working in colab notebook and another to continue with the meeting. Also, I am certain my internet speed was not the issue.
Anybody else faced this issue?
Or do you have any suggestions for me, since we have to continue with zoom only.

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Hi, I haven’t been contacted by my pod TA yet or received any invitations. I’m guessing I’m not on the mailing lists. My name is Jens Honack.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Hi Jens,
I will DM you to help resolve this!

Hey, Is there any way to turn on notifications for the conversations on NMA ? Or for specific groups the interactive students are in?
It’ll be great if you can add some feature like that.
Thank you very much

Yes! In the bottom right you should see options for notifications for that post/topic.

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 11.01.06 AM

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