FAQ on technical issues in Neurostars during NMA

Feel free to reply to this topic if you run into technical issues that are not yet solved (Moderators will incorporate a solution in the FAQ’s and delete your reply once the issue is fixed).

Here is a list of technical issues you may run into:

Accepting a link invitation

If you have another account in Neurostars (using the same browser window) you may obtain a message like

‘Oops, looks like you are attempting to accept an invitation for another user. If you are not xxxxxxx, please log out and try again.’

You’ll need to pretend that you’re not xxxxxxx either by using a different browser or by logging out, and create a different account using the invitation link. Only then you will see your pod (and other information invisible to the public).

I’ve tried to add ‘welcome’ tag to the our pod’s intro post, but it automatically adds another ‘neurohackademy2020’ tag. After several unsuccessful attempts and “too many requests” errors, tried to delete the post and create a new one, but the hackademy tag was added again. I’ve tried to delete the tag but it either gives me a 426 error or does not remove the tag even though it says tag is removed.

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yeah… this happened to mine as well. It seems someone from the organising team fixed the tag.

I am more worried about the ability of this forum to handle a large traffic. Chances are what happened to us earlier were due to a flux of TAs trying to create a post for their groups. Imagine when the students come in… :cold_sweat:

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It seems like I have no access to my pod group, namely pod-027-meticulous-coucal.
I used to be in a different pod, however, since my previews TA was Iranian I was moved
to the one I mentioned. Also, I never received any invitation from Neurostars for either of
the pods. I guess something went wrong while I was moved from one pod to the other.
Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance.

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Michalis - glad you made it despite the lack of invite :slight_smile: - likely because you already had an account from before the automatic invite wasn’t sent. I’ll flag your name on a list to make sure you can access your pod, but probably also worth telling your current TA that you have these issues!

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Thank you very much.

I’ve never received an email regarding accessing portal though I received everything else, including getting contacted by the TA of my pod. Any help from the admin?

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I meet a issue about payment.

I(sakimarquis at qq dot com) receive a email from Neuromatch Academy about payment. I clicked the hyperlink it provided, and I found I couldn’t sign up with this email(sakimarquis at qq dot com), it told me “we can’t recognize you” when i clicked for the first time and told me “the email has been used by another user” when i clicked for the second time. I also tried to log in by this email(sakimarquis at qq dot com) but failed.

Then I clicked the hyperlink in the email again to sign in with my google account which is a different email. I think the hyper link has token(key=xxxxxx in link) with it, it should recognize me. And I successfully sign in with my google account, and i find my pod info is empty. Also I should have been recognized because I see my name in the account info.

the last emails were sent out just over an hour ago, you should get one

your pod is indeed 106-satisfied-skua, you should now be able to see it in the portal.

Awesome, now I can see it in the portal. Thank you for your quick reply and support!

I can’t find “all” icon on my computer , so I can’t see all the subcategories and can’t find my subcategory. Are there some solutions? thanks!


Hey Xinlin,
I found your name in the participants list, so you should have been given access. One thing that likely went wrong is that the email address you used for signing up in Neurostars is different from the email address we have (and unfortunately, I can’t check this as the system doesn’t show me your email address). You can try (in another browser, or clear cookies) to sign up with the email which you used for signing up for the Neuromatch Academy. Otherwise contact your teaching assistant to change your email address for Neurostars.

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I did get an email regarding payment. When I logged in, everything is blank except the menu bar

@jay.s.314159 I’ve reset your account - can you click on the link in the email and try again?

OK, it works now. Thanks!

Hello! I received an acceptance to the interactive track and filled out the google form to state my intention to participate, but haven’t received anything since (I checked my spam, other email accounts…) Is there anything I can do at this point to confirm my registration status?

Hello! Have you received an e-mail from your TA?

No. I have not received an email from my TA

Hi, I was invited to the mentors group but the link does not work.
Can you please invite me on my Gmail address (which is the email with which I registered to both neurostars and NMA btw)?