FEAT: higher-level analysis inputs and design matrix

Dear experts,

I have a mixed design and am trying to set up my second-level (group) analysis. In the first-level analysis, I had four conditions, resulting in 16 contrasts. Now I am trying to look at these contrasts at the group level. I am stuck at two places, which I think are related: (1) the input data (2) the design matrix.

(1) Input: Because I do not have multiple sessions, I do not think that I will need 3D cope images from FEAT directories, rather the lower-level FEAT directories from the first-level analysis. This results in selecting which lower-level copes to use (or not).

(2) If this input would be correct, considering that I would have all contrasts of interest selected, would the design matrix follow a t-test even though there are multiple contrasts of interest?

Alternatively, would I need to set the input differently to run a mixed ANOVA set up which would be truer to the design?