Fedora 32 Computational Neuroscience ready-to-install ISO image is now available!

The NeuroFedora team is excited to announce the first release of the CompNeuro-Fedora Free/Open Source operating system for computational neuroscience. You can get it here:


A list of included tools, along with more information can be found on the official release post here:


NeuroFedora also provides various software for neuro-imaging and analysis. Complete documentation can be found at


NeuroFedora is a Free/Open source community that is driven wholly by volunteers. The community is looking to expand to be able to work on more software and generate an image for neuro-imaging (and any other sub-fields of neuroscience that community members are interested in) too. So, we’re looking for volunteers. Please get in touch. It is an excellent opportunity to sharpen ones technical skills, especially for students. No prior knowledge or skills are necessary, the community shares its combined knowledge learns together.