Fetch The Coordinates of a Particular Label

I am using the 8 subcortical structure segmentation: PD25-subcortical-1mm. Also, the atlas contains, 16 Labels as shown.
Label Nuclei
1 Left red nucleus
3 Left substantia nigra
5 Left subthalamic nucleus
7 Left caudate
9 Left putamen
11 Left globus pallidus externa
13 Left globus pallidus interna
15 Left thalamus
2 Right red nucleus
4 Right Substantia nigra
6 Right subthalamic nucleus
8 Right caudate
10 Right putamen
12 Right globus pallidus externa
14 Right globus pallidus interna
16 Right thalamus

Now what I want to do is to extract the Voxel coordinates of each label.
Can anyone help me regarding, how I can find the coordinates of the Labels in the atlas using Python?