File lock of heudicov 0.8.0 and BIDSonym

Dear there,

I have a question that related to both heudiconv and BIDSonym.

The new version of heudiconv will lock the files, which caused a problem: it can’t be modified by BIDSonym.

I tried to disable this function but can find a solution in the tutorial, which is still based on 0.5.4

Here is the code I used:

singularity run --cleanenv \
-B /home/Data/Nipy:/base \
/home/docker_images/heudiconv-0.8.0.simg \
-d /base/Dicom/sub-{subject}/ses-{session}/*/* \
-o /base/BIDS/ \
-f /base/heuristic/ \
-s 001 \
-ss d1 \
-c dcm2niix \
-b --overwrite --minmeta