FitLins can't use the model (FitLins Example_rhyme-judgment)

Hey guys,

I am a neuro master student and I have to compare BIDS-APPs during my internship. I focus on FitLins but I stuck by integrating the model. I think this shouldn’t be so difficult and also the error seems not so difficult. Maybe someone can help me …

I am using a Mac Book Pro 20 with Big Sur. Docker Desktop works fine and I already analyzed some data with the fmriprep container. Now I want to analyze the data from the FitLins examples (FitLins Example Models — FitLins documentation) to check if FitLins also works on my Mac.

My code is this:

docker run -ti --rm
-v //Users/mrt/mrtdata/raw/ds000003:/data:ro
-v /Users/mrt/mrtdata/analyzed/ds000003:/out
-v /Users/mrt/mrtdata/scratch/ds000003:/work
–participant-label 01
-m /Users/mrt/mrtdata/raw/ds000003/models/model-001_smdl.json
-w /work /data /out participant

This is the error:

Is the name of the model wrong or is something in the .json file wrong or is some completely different wrong?

The error means that the path does not exist from the viewpoint of the application.

Looks like your issue is that you are referring to the model path as if it were on your local filesystem, but in Docker the path must be relatively to what the container sees.

Since you mapped this volume:
-v //Users/mrt/mrtdata/raw/ds000003:/data:ro

Then the following path on your local filesystem

actually looks like this to the Docker container:


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Thanks a lot for the quick response and the answer.
Thats a really helpful clue in general and now everything works fine!