fMRI power analysis programs

Dear folk,

Members of our coding group have noticed that programs that we would typically use for calculating a priori power for fMRI experiments are down i.e., fMRIpower, NeuropowerTools, and PowerMap.

Are there any alternatives to these programs that might be up and running currently? I’m a little heartbroken that fMRIpower isn’t up and running. Would folk have a sense of when these programs might be up and running again?

Regards, Eunice and members of the coding group at Temple University - Psychology.

The only two that I’m familiar with are fMRIPower and NeuroPower:

  • @Jeanette_Mumford’s instructions for what to do in lieu of fMRIPower seem pretty straightforward. It looks like you should get equivalent results with a simple ROI analysis on pilot data, followed by a standard power analysis (e.g., with R’s pwr package).
  • Neuropower’s website may be down, the the code is still available on GitHub (see neuropower/neuropower-core). There’s an example notebook in that repository that might be helpful in using the package.

I hope that helps.


Dear Taylor, THANK YOU so much for the suggestions and swift response. Its most appreciated. Regards, Eunice