fMRI scans with opposite PE and PEPOLAR SDC use (possible feature request)

Hey we have some acquisitions for a study consisting of two resting state scans acquired with opposite PE. I think, theoretically, we could use both fMRI scans to correct each other but fMRIPREP doesn’t seem to be set up to look in the func/ dir to find opposing PE _bold scans.

For now I’m planning on taking the first volume of each opposing PE _bold scan and treating it as an _epi file in fmap/. Is this a valid strategy to PEPOLAR-based fMRI correction?

In addition (as a possible feature request), would it be possible for fMRIPREP to look in the func/ dir as well when looking for opposing PE when the dir- BIDS field is used? I can put an issue in GitHub as well if that is a better avenue.

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