Fmriprep 1.0.6 html reports - no longer self-contained?

In prior versions of fmriprep, the output html report was a single .html file which made for easy downloading and distributing. (This is actually mentioned in the fmriprep docs: “Each report is self contained and thus can be easily shared with collaborators (for example via email).”)

Now it seems like the images are saved in .svg files inside the “figures” directory of the BIDS/derivatives/fmriprep/sub/figures directory, so that if I want to share the reports I need to send the html file as well as a (small) directory tree.

Is there a flag to revert to the old behavior? Or a simple way to embed the .svg files before distribution?

Thanks so much!

Thanks for your feedback. I added two relevant issues: They both are relatively straightforward - would you like to take a stab at either of them? We can guide you!