Fmriprep 20.2.0 warning


I’m using Version 20.2.0 of fMRIPrep on an HPC. I get the following warning:

WARNING: Version 20.2.0 of fMRIPrep (current) has been FLAGGED
(reason: Functional outputs in standard space can be wrong depending on the original data’s orientation headers - see

Would upgrading to Version 21.0.0 solve this issue?

Thank you


Yes (as of right now 21.0.1 is the most recent, so you should upgrade to that).


Great, thank you very much.


I have a question related to this topic: FMRIPREP 20.2.x series is LTS, is it the case for the 21.0.x series?
Would it be recommended to upgrade only to the latest 20.2.x series for long-lasting studies?

Thank you!

LTS is more related to the commitment of developers to address issues in those versions, not about compatibility with each other. Anything 20.0.0+ (Including 21.X.X) should fall into LTS. The same version should be used within a study. Minor bug fixes, e.g 20.2.6 to 20.2.7, are compatible with each other, assuming the bug wasn’t relevant to your data. But 20.1.X to 20.2.X or 20.X.X to 21.X.X jumps are not cross compatible. Does that help?


Thank you Steven. Yes it helps, thank you!

Just a clarification on long-term support (LTS):

In general we have two series going:

  1. Development (unreleased) that will lead to a new minor series
  2. Maintenance (latest released minor series) that will lead to bug-fix releases

Our last minor series released was 21.0, so development is working towards 22.0.x and we are maintaining 21.0.x.

LTS is a specific commitment to an additional maintenance series that does not get dropped off our list as soon as a new minor release is made. All that’s needed for a series to become LTS is for someone to make a commitment to maintain it for at least a year. Our only current LTS series is 20.2.x, maintained by @bpinsard.

For more details, see: Releases - NiPreps