fMRIprep aborted - ITK format error

Hi. I am getting an error toward the end of my fmriprep processing stating that the number of transforms (0) does not match the number of files (282). When I look at the file it’s checking (affine.txt in the bold_reg_wf/bbreg_wf/fsl2itk folder), it indeed only has one transform. The correct file would seem to be the mat2itk.txt file in the bold_hmc_wf/fsl2itk/ folder, which has the correct number of transforms. Am I doing something wrong to cause this error? If I copy the mat2itk.txt file into the affine.txt file the processing runs to completion, but I need to check that this doing what it should, given that it’s looking for the wrong file. Any thoughts/suggestions would be most appreciated, thanks!

Best, Mark