Fmriprep: Anatomical-functional misalignment

Anatomical-functional misalignment happened to some of the images after fMRIprep preprocessing (about 10% of the images; see the attached screenshots for an example). I used fmriprep 1.5.0 and the misalignment happened without errors in the report. However, I tested running registration using FLIRT in a separate FSL on a couple of those images, and the anatomical and functional could be well registered by FSL.

I wonder if anyone else experience this and any recommendations for how to deal with this?


@oesteban @franklin
Could you take a look? thank you!

Hi Jinxiao, I can’t think of anything you could do on your end to address this. Could you share some of these data with us? Thank you.

Thanks for your reply, @oesteban !
Yea, sure. Would you prefer I share them on Sherlock or using any other form?

Sure, sherlock would work perfectly. Not sure if permissions will allow us to share across groups.