fMRIPrep and PyMVPA naming discrepancies & .bidsignore ignored

fMRIPrep names bold files thus:
while PyMVPA would like them to be named thus;

PyMVPA seems to ignore my .bidsignore file as well.

Would appreciate your advice on how to handle this.


I am not sure what is the problem here, but let me provide some information that might help:

  1. The Derivatives extension to BIDS has not been finalized and over time went through evolution. Different software packages have kept up with that evolution to different extent - this might explain the discrepancy. To track progress on finalizing the Derivatives extension please go to:

  2. bids-validator has not been yet updated to understand and validated derived datasets

  3. .bidsignore is not part of the BIDS standard (at least not yet) and it’s just a configuration file internally used by bids-validator.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks. I forgot /derivatives was still the Wild West.