Fmriprep and RRid

Dear fmriprep developers

A journal in which I would like to publish an fMRI study including fmriprep needs a RRID of fmriprep:
RRIDs can be used to link readers to external resources, and they also enable search engines to return all papers in which a particular antibody, organism, or tool was used. We see these as important steps toward ensuring reproducible methods and providing critical data to help researchers identify suitable reagents and tools, and we are now asking authors to include RRIDs in their manuscripts.

An RRID for fmriprep can be added e.g. on
I think its better if one of the developers would do this. Many thanks for your efforts!

That’s a bit surprising. Did you use the official citation boilerplate It uniquely identified FMRIPREP and it’s version with a DOI (see which should be sufficient for journals.

ok. thanks. Its quite a popular journal which uses RRID, the Journal of Neuroscience (and open access journal eNeuro):

But other links to the software should also be possible

We are in the processo of adding RRIDs to the boilerplate (see, but please don’t use the RRID alone and also cite our DOI and tools used in fmriprep. This way credit will be given to FMRIPREP contributors and developers of tools that FMRIPREP builds on.

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Many thanks for your efforts!

And yes, I will cite the tool correctly.

I love this tool. I mean if fmriprep would be a crypto coin, I would buy a lot of it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: