Fmriprep- better with or without Anaconda


I’m installing fmriprep on Ubuntu 18.04 installation.
In the documentation- there is no reference regarding Anaconda- is it better installing fmriprep in an anaconda env or outside an anaconda env?
Anaconda will be installed whatsoever, I’m just wondering if it’s better to set the fmriprep “inside” or outside an anaconda env.
If inside- should it be under the “root” (or “home”) env of anaconda, or I better create a special env for it.
(I.e.- which configuration is most easy and flexible?)


Neither. It’s best used with Docker or Singularity. See

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Thanks, though it may still work with docker even if it’s under anaconda…
so the question isn’t- anaconda vs docker, but anaconda+docker vs docker.
On the meantime- I’ve installed it under anaconda with a special env for it, but I may change it.

If it’s fmriprep-docker package you are installing it doesn’t really matter which environment you use. It’s a very lightweight wrapper which only talks to Docker.

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