Fmriprep citation with different reference style

Is it possible to get the fmriprep citation paragraphs with a different reference style? I require a different style from the one found in the html reports and it seems very tedious to go through the paragraphs and replace all citations by hand. Thanks so much!

Hi @dclb,

You can use LaTeX and the derivatives/fmriprep/logs/CITATION.tex|.bib files to reformat the paragraph and bibliography according to several different citation styles (LaTeX has support for basically any citation style).


Saw on another venue that you’re aiming to include in a word processor-style doc. For the sake of searchability, I will add this here.

If you’re not using \LaTeX as your target format, I don’t think using the .tex file directly is the best choice. Instead, you can use pandoc to convert from the source Markdown + bibtex to the format of your choice. Here is how you would convert this:

pandoc --bibliography CITATION.bib \
    --csl american-medical-association.csl --citeproc \ -o CITATION.odt

ODT is the OpenDocument word processing format. You can also use the .docx extension for Microsoft’s OOXML format.

You will need the AMA CSL file from GitHub - citation-style-language/styles: Official repository for Citation Style Language (CSL) citation styles. to use that particular formatting, and there are plenty of others, as well.