Fmriprep co-registration failure

Dear Fmriprep team,

I ran fmriprep v20.2.4 on two subjects to test my pipeline. I used the following command options:

–participant-label subjectID
–aroma-melodic-dimensionality -80
–nthreads 1
–omp-nthreads 4
–output-space T1w MNI152NLin6Asym fsnative fsaverage -vvv
–fs-subjects-dir /dir1/freesurfer
–fs-license-file /dir2/license.txt
–work-dir /dir3/

One subject was fine on all levels. However, while the other subject also finished without error, the report shows that there was not really a signal detected.

See the BOLD summary:

See the ICA components:

Perhaps it may be related to the co-registration between fmri and t1 that looks off:

Do you think it is registration related? And if so, any suggestion how I could fix this?
Thank you!

For me, looking at the screenshot from the report, the registration bold-to-T1w seems ok. Did you have only 10 volumes in your fmri run? This could explain the unusual (but expected) pattern of the timeseries and carpet plot.

Thank you so much @jsein . I checked the amount of frames and you are totally right!