Fmriprep crashed in epi_reg_wf.bbreg_wf.get_cost

Hi all,
I have just updated fmriprep into 0.5.0 and preprocessng of my fMRI data crashed in epi_reg_wf.bbreg_wf.get_cost.

According to the log, this seems to happen in def get_final_cost(in_file): import numpy as np return np.loadtxt(in_file, use_cols=[0]). It said 'TypeError: loadtxt() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘use_cols’.

Since this error did not happen in previous versions of fmriprep, I guess it might be related with update.

I would appreciate any suggestions or information.


Hi. That’s a bug! It should be usecols. Not sure how that made it through tests.

Sorry about that! I’ll push a 0.5.1 release ASAP.

Thank you very much for quick update!