fMRIprep Data Protection / Privacy

Hi. I want to run fMRIprep locally on my ubuntu 18.04 computer. My university has strict rules regarding patients’ data protection and privacy, one of them is that the data should not be shared to servers/computers out of my institution.
My question is: if I install fMRIprep in the “Docker Container”, am I transferring MRI data outside my local PC?
Thank you,

No. fMRIPrep is run entirely locally.

We do send some telemetry data that records things such as what version of fMRIPrep you’re running and whether you’re running it in Docker, Singularity or some other setup, which helps us identify common errors. This contains no subject data (except sometimes the subject ID, although this should already not be PII), but you can disable telemetry with --notrack.

Great. Thank you for your quick reply !