FMRIPREP development: VSCode through the browser, please help test!

Hi all,

If you’ve wanted to try contributing to fmriprep, but did not know how/did not have time to setup an development environment, I have a rough-draft solution.

See this pull request

PREREQUISITE: You have Docker installed

If you want to try it out:

  1. clone my fork of fmriprep
    git clone
  2. checkout the code-server branch:
    git checkout code_server
  3. follow the written documentation (the video is already out of date)

Feedback Examples

  • One clear item to improve is getting all the shortcuts for the terminal inside the image. For example, pressing the up arrow to retrieve previous commands, having ctrl+r to search for command history. This may need to be done by changing the default shell.

  • It would also be nice not to have the intro VSCode materials every time you run the image.

If you have some time, please give this a spin and let me know what you think/give feedback.


P.S. linking previous conversation with a different solution for posterity