fMRIPrep Differential run

Hi there,

I was running fMRIPrep (on few subjects in parallel using GNU parallel) and my machine restarted (for a Win update - fixed that…) after some good hours of running.

my question is - aside Freesurfer, which I know run can be differential (don’t run an analysis phase if its output file(s) already exist(s)) - whether the later stages of the fMRIPrep run can also be differential.

In simple words - suppose my machine/WSL was shut one minute before fMRIPrep was suppose to end successfully. Can I use the fMRIPrep products (both those in the output dir and those in the temporary dir) to finish the run quickly?

Thanks a lot,

Yes, fMRIPrep is able to reuse files in the working directory upon rerunning, given that the workflow (version) remains the same and there hasn’t been a change in input files. fMRIPrep doesn’t reuse any files in the output directory, unless you explicitly use the --anat-derivatives flag pointing to previously computed anatomical results.