Fmriprep-Distortion correction step blocked by fieldmap error


I have been experiencing issues with fmriprep’s distortion correction step. Each time I try to run fmriprep on my dataset, I get this same issue (regardless of fmriprep version): “ValueError: None of the discovered fieldmaps has the right phase encoding direction. This is possibly a problem with metadata. If not, rerun with ‘’–ignore fieldmaps’’ to skip the distortion correction step.”

I was able to run fmriprep with the ignore fieldmaps tag (so I figured there was no metadata issue), but I still want to figure out a way to include distortion correction. I have attached the fieldmap jsons and respective bold image jsons (both converted to txt files so that the forum will let me upload them). As far as I can tell, the phase encoding direction for all the files is correct.What can I do to correct this error?

Please let me know if I can provide additional information/files/examples to help clarify this issue. Thank you!

sub-PC1210CPC_ses-1_acq-ER_dir-AP_epi.txt (2.9 KB) sub-PC1210CPC_ses-1_acq-ER_dir-PA_epi.txt (2.9 KB) sub-PC1210CPC_ses-1_task-ER_run-01_bold.txt (2.7 KB) sub-PC1210CPC_ses-1_task-ER_run-02_bold.txt (2.6 KB)


Lauren Ericksen
University of Utah, Dept of Psychiatry