Fmriprep error code 137

I like to run fmriprep in docker. Most subjects report errors. However, a few subjects were able to obtain functional surface files
crash-20230320-035209-root-norm-dc5c8537-f89d-43ab-9a4e-ac7b69f0ff9e.txt (30.8 KB)

Hi @conquerorlzq,

Return code 137 is a memory related error. Try running with more RAM. In future posts, please fill out all information that is requested by the Software Support prepopulated template.


Hi, @Steven

Thank you for your attention. Do I need to set more memory sizes in the docker settings or remove the low memory option when running fmriprep


More memory in docker settings, keeping the —low-mem flag may help.

Hi, Steven
I will try as you say, thank you very much

Hi, @Steven

I tried as you say. I just adjusted the memory of Docker to 16GB, and the number of parallel cores is 8. However, the error reported earlier will still occur; If 8-core parallel computing is enabled, 16GB of memory still insufficient?


You can try reducing the cores to 4 and also try specifying —mem-mb 15500.

I will try as you say, thank you