Fmriprep error - Lesion masks over sessions




I’m trying run fmriprep where participants have lesion masks over several sessions but it errors at t1_2_mni with the following error:

Error setting node input:
Node: t1_2_mni
input: lesion_mask
results_file: /data/cephfs/punim0185/midas_ordered_work/fmriprep_wf/single_subject_md005_wf/bidssrc/result_bidssrc.pklz
value: [’/data/cephfs/punim0185/midas_ordered_bids/sub-md005/ses-01/anat/sub-md005_ses-01_T1w_label-lesion_roi.nii.gz’, ‘/data/cephfs/punim0185/midas_ordered_bids/sub-md005/ses-02/anat/sub-md005_ses-02_T1w_label-lesion_roi.nii.gz’, ‘/data/cephfs/punim0185/midas_ordered_bids/sub-md005/ses-03/anat/sub-md005_ses-03_T1w_label-lesion_roi.nii.gz’, ‘/data/cephfs/punim0185/midas_ordered_bids/sub-md005/ses-04/anat/sub-md005_ses-04_T1w_label-lesion_roi.nii.gz’]

Not sure why it’s passing a list…




Ah, we haven’t, as far as I know, had to deal with cases with multiple sessions and lesions. I’ve opened an issue in (smriprep is where the structural workflows now live) with some initial thoughts, if you would like to continue the discussion there.


Too easy. Thanks for that!