Fmriprep fieldmapless-estimation for b0 to T1 correctio


Would it be possible to use fmriprep fieldmapless-estimation ( to correct for b0 inhomogeneities in DTI data as done in Wang, 2017?

Would I just add the b0 volume as the epi image? Then could I apply the warp output and to the diffusion-weighted images?

I am trying to employ the technique suggested in Wang, 2017 for my data because it doesn’t have reverse-phase encoding or a field map.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Yes, although we are working on making it work in isolation (without fMRIPrep). This work is happening on this repo:

Hi Osteban, thank you for the help! I looked in sdcflows and it seems like might be the code to use. I am a bit confused on how implementation might work. I assume I would first download the repository and then make a call to init_syn_sdc_wf?

If I have a b0 volume from my DTI data and a skull stripped and biased corrected T1w image I wanted to use for this correction how would I apply them to the code you have created?

Sorry if this is a sill question. I don’t have tons of experience with nipype. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.