Fmriprep for commercial applications

I am interested to use fmriprep for a collaboration with industrial partners.
fmriprep has a dependency on FSL, which does not allow re-use for commercial applications.

Does this mean my collaborators would need to set up an agreement with Oxford for commercial applications?
Also, are you aware of other dependencies of fmriprep with similar limitations?

I’m no legal scholar, but that would be my best guess. FreeSurfer is another dependency you might need to look into in context of commercial applications.

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I guess you could work-around it by using the “bare-metal” (pure python) installation.

Using containerized versions, you would be re-distributing FSL (and FreeSurfer, AFNI, ANTs, c3d, ITK, nilearn, nipype, etc.). And FMRIPREP does not have a commercial use agreement at all.

The other way around, FMRIPREP would not violate licenses (I may be wrong but the big difference here is re-distribution), but the third party will probably need to get those agreements to use the software with commercial purposes.

But, as Chris, I’m not an expert at all.

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FreeSurfer requires a license to actually run (checking for it is baked into their I/O routines), but there are no restrictions on commercial applications.

AFNI is GPL, so if the commercial application involves distributing software, I believe you’ll need to make sure that the AFNI source code can be made available on request.

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Thanks a lot for the help. What you suggest makes sense.

In my case, redistribution is not an issue. I would simply like a company to run some processing in collaboration with me. My understanding, and as you noted, is that FSL’s license would still require an agreement just to use the software in a commercial setting.